• Aegis Treatment Centers Roseville

    Roseville, CA

    As Roseville’s commitment to excellence, we make every effort to provide exceptional patient care with improved treatment and innovative interventions. Roseville’s treatment team supports one another through the understanding that we’re a part of something bigger and more worthwhile than just a job. The success of our Roseville clinic is a direct reflection of the comradery between our medical team, counseling team, and management team, and their ability to collaborate effectively through respectful communication and supportive accountability. This collective approach has created a safe haven for our patients and has enhanced a better quality patient experience through our hands-on management team and patient-centered therapeutic environment. We do this by getting to know each patient on an individual basis, by providing in-person consultations to better understand each patient’s needs and goals, and one-on-one appointments to create individualized treatment plans. Patients are also encouraged to attend patient appreciation events and request additional supportive services in house, such as counseling (individual, group and crisis), case management, and educational information related to medication assisted treatment. We believe this trifecta of involvement directly correlates with our clinic’s successful retention rates and low relapse rates. What we can conclude is: treatment works. We have a Medication Unit in Placerville, CA for our patients located in that area. Click here to learn more.

    1133 Coloma Way, #C
    Roseville, CA 95661
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