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We partner with the most respected organizations in healthcare to ensure the highest quality treatment possible.
We’re transparent, ethical, and responsible.

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Integrity & ExcellenceCommitment to Growth and Lifelong Learning

When you choose treatment at Pinnacle, we ask you to look deep inside yourself and take an honest and unflinching inventory of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. We ask you to take responsibility, be accountable, and change when necessary.

The Accreditation Process

At Pinnacle Treatment, we do the same – but we ask others to verify what we find, tell us where we’re on top of our game, where we can improve, and whether we live up to our own standards of integrity and excellence.

We open our doors to representatives from third-party organizations to verify we do what we say we do and we do things how we say we do them. Our accreditations are important to us – and they should be to you – because the process for receiving them is beyond rigorous. These accreditations aren’t a formality. They’re not a matter of submitting some paperwork, putting our best foot forward on inspection day, and receiving a rubber-stamp accompanied by a wink and a nudge. Auditors review our policies, procedures, and treatment records with a fine-tooth comb, and inspectors scrutinize every inch of every location to confirm we meet and exceed industry standards in every possible category of review: from health and  safety to governance, business practices, and staffing, they look at everything – and give us their full approval.

Officially Recognized by CARF, NAATP, NABH, ValueOptions, and LegitScript

We’re proud of our associations with The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP), The National Association for Behavioral Healthcare (NABH), ValueOptions, and LegitScript.

The presence of these logos on our website means you can rest assured we offer cutting-edge treatment that adheres to standardized best practices established by the most respected accreditation organizations in the world.

LegitScript developed a certification program to reduce the negative influence of opportunistic providers and lead generation companies whose advertising practices are not in the best interest of people seeking addiction treatment. A LegitScript certification builds trust with patients by creating transparency. It’s the only certification service recognized by Google and Facebook, which restrict advertising for addiction treatment services in order to protect consumers from questionable practices. Our certification ensures current and potential patients that our advertising methods are transparent, accurate, and ethical.

LegitScript approved
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