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Individual FocusWhy Choose Pinnacle?


We bring treatment to you.


We find a way to make treatment work in your life. We meet you wherever you’re willing to accept treatment, whenever you’re willing to accept it.

1 (800) 782-1520

Treatment WorksWe Put People First

If you raise your hand and say,

“I want to heal. I want to recover. I’m ready to commit to treatment.”

We’re ready to help you right now.

You may be a busy professional addicted to prescription opiates who needs an office-based Outpatient Program at a time and location that fits your schedule. You may be a heroin addict who’s tried to quit on your own, never made it through withdrawal, and needs Medically Assisted Detox followed by Residential Inpatient Treatment or a methadone program. You may be a stay-at-home mom or dad whose drinking has gotten out of control and needs a half-day, Intensive Outpatient Program so you can begin your recovery journey while meeting your family obligations. Or a steel worker injured on the job who wants to ease off pain medication without ever stepping on the addiction rollercoaster. Or a recent college grad who partied hard for four years and ended up with alcohol and substance use issues in addition to your bachelor’s degree.

Whoever you are, wherever you are on your path to recovery – brand new or years in – we commit to helping you find a path to a clean and sober life.

The Spirit of Community

Community-based treatment means two things to us.

First, it means what it appears to mean on the surface: location, location, location. We provide treatment across the West Coast, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeastern U.S. If you found our website and stayed long enough to reach this page, we probably have a location in or near your community. We’ve expanded over the past decade because we’re interested in helping more people and offering more patients more treatment options close to home. That’s why we operate over 135 locations at various levels of care in nine states – and we haven’t stopped growing.

90% of our patients live less than a two-hour drive from where they receive treatment. Most live less than half an hour from where they receive treatment.

Second, it means we take the time to understand the people in your micro-community who you want to be part of your recovery. You can invite anyone important to you to participate in the process: family, friends, employers, co-workers – if you want them involved, we want them involved. The more the people who matter to you know about what you’re going through, the more they can help you make the life changes you need to make. The broader your base of support – the more help you have coming from different places and different people – the better chance you have of achieving lifelong, sustainable recovery.

And that’s the entire point: removing obstacles to recovery and building opportunity so you can live the life you want to live, where, when, and how you want to live it, with the people who matter most.

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