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Treatment for EveryoneOur Mission

Your life. Your recovery. Your Terms.
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Removing ObstaclesOur Mission

To remove all barriers to recovery and transform individuals, families, and communities with treatment that works.

Our Vision

To create a better world where lives and communities are made whole again through the comprehensive treatment of people with substance use disorders.

The Pinnacle PromiseYou Are Not Alone

Everyone with a substance use disorder deserves the chance to heal themselves, repair their relationships, rejoin their communities, and restore balance to their lives. We’re here to show you healing and recovery are within reach – but you might need a little help from your friends. No matter how strong, independent, and capable you are, there comes a time when you realize everybody needs somebody. If you struggle with addiction, we will be your somebody. We understand the loneliness. We understand the pain. We understand addiction can creep into your life and take control without you even realizing what’s going on. It may have happened recently, or it may be a secret you’ve been hiding for years. Either way, we’re here to pull back the curtain, lead you out of the shadows, give you back your power, and share the promise of a better future.
“Our Goal is to help each of our patients heal so they can return to their lives, families, and communities healthier and full of lasting hope.”

– Joe Pritchard
CEO Pinnacle Treatment Centers

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