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Mind, Body, and SpiritTreatment for the Whole Person

Every patient at Pinnacle Treatment receives a complete physical and mental health evaluation performed by licensed and credentialed medical professionals. We spend time getting to know you: we listen, we ask questions, and get a feel for who you are and what makes you tick. When we have a solid idea about what will work for you – based on your input and our decades of experience – we design an individualized treatment plan that leverages your strengths and shores up your challenge areas. We combine the best of traditional and complementary modes of therapy to ensure you start your recovery journey on solid ground.

From psychotherapy to yoga, group therapy to acupuncture, community support groups like AA to group sessions on Relapse Prevention or The Psychology of Addiction, we take an all of the above approach. If it works, we use it. And if it works for you, even better: it becomes part of your individualized treatment program.

We Grow with You

The adage “the only constant is change” applies to treatment and recovery. There’s enormous value in consistency, but at the same time, we don’t want you to get stuck in one place. We constantly evaluate your treatment plan to ensure it’s in sync with your recovery. If it’s time to step down to a less intensive level of treatment, that’s what we recommend. If issues arise during treatment and you need to move to a more intensive level of treatment, then that’s what we recommend.

How Your Individual Plan Works

We start with a plan that we create in collaboration with you. The contours of the plan become clear in the initial stages of your recovery. Because we offer many levels of care, the exact length of time it takes to develop a fully-fleshed out plan varies by the individual. We may establish a detailed plan for a patient in a Residential – Inpatient Program more quickly than for a patient in a twice-a-week Outpatient Program because we have more face-time with the former than the latter. However, patients at all levels of care will receive an individualized plan with evidence-based treatment approaches that we can implement immediately.

While everyone is unique, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel with each new patient.

Think of it as a buffet with only healthy options: nutritionists know what’s good for the human body, but they’re also smart enough to know not everyone likes the same things. Some people prefer salmon and broccoli, while others prefer chicken breast and a garden salad. Both people get healthy protein and fresh greens, but the meals are completely different.

In treatment, one patient might love going to a step aerobics class first thing in the morning and respond very well to individual therapy right after lunch. A different patient might be ready to dive deep into an intense DBT group session right after breakfast and find that a solo workout of basic calisthenics is just what they need after dinner. Both patients get exercise and treatment, but their treatment plans are completely different.

We offer a range of options, allow you to try different approaches, and pay close attention to what works and what doesn’t work. We compare our observations with your experiences and finalize your plan accordingly.

Admissions to Aftercare

We begin formulating your aftercare plan almost immediately. When a counselor or therapist notices your success with a specific approach to treatment, they make a note. It stays in your file, and as your exit-day nears, they include that approach in their aftercare recommendations.

We teach you to do the same. If something works for you, we suggest you write it down in your recovery journal so you don’t forget. You keep your recovery journal with you during your stay, and it becomes a reference – a template, if you will – for your ongoing recovery when you leave Pinnacle.

Let’s extend the buffet analogy to your aftercare plan: if you really like a turkey sandwich at lunch, then you’ll eat it again – right?

With regards to treatment, if you have a breakthrough moment during an afternoon walk, you make a note. Then you tell your counselors. We rearrange your treatment plan so you can keep going on walks during the afternoon. We also include that information in your aftercare plan. And when you return to your life, you include afternoon walks in your daily schedule.

Together, we learn what works and what doesn’t. We keep what works and leave the rest behind. We remove all obstacles to recovery and help you move out of addiction into a life lived on your terms, filled with things you love.

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