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Connections & CommunityShare the Joy of Recovery

Every individual is part of an interconnected web of relationships that plays a large part in who they are and what they do. The relationships we have early in life – regardless of background or circumstances – have a significant impact on who we are today.

To understand you, we need to understand those relationships. We need to understand those people: who they were, who they are now, and what role they had and have in your life.

To understand you, we need to understand your family.

Whether they’re your biological family or your chosen family, your parents, siblings, spouses, friends, or colleagues, their participation in your recovery journey is essential to your long-term health and sobriety. They often know you better than you know yourself. They provide insight into your life, which helps us unearth the root causes of your addiction issues and design a treatment plan that works for you.

Healing the Past for a Better Tomorrow

The effects of alcohol and substance use disorders damage your life as well as the lives of your loved ones. You can’t change the past, but when you seek to understand it with honesty and clarity, you can use that knowledge and understanding to build a better future. Family participation at Pinnacle Treatment Centers is designed to help resolve, repair, and restore your primary relationships so you can live a life of harmony with the people you love.

You Are Not Alone

Family participation is not only about looking into the past to identify when, why, and how you may have developed the emotional and behavioral patterns that led to your addiction. It’s also about examining the present and planning for the future. We want to know if counterproductive dynamics exist in your current relationships. If they do, it’s crucial for your recovery to learn to identify them and make plans to change them – and it’s equally important for your family to do the same. Remember, when we say family, one thing we mean – beyond the traditional definition – is the primary relationships you have right now: friends, colleagues, anyone who means something in your life.

If they’re important to you, they’re important to your recovery.
Therefore, they’re important to us.

We work with you to understand the dynamics of those relationships, and we invite your family to participate so they understand them, too. Believe us: if your family members unintentionally contribute to your addiction problems, they want to know, so they can help you heal and grow. They want to be part of your long-term solution. If they understand exactly what you’re going through right now, where you want to go when you leave treatment, and how they can help you get there, we’re almost one hundred percent certain they’ll do everything they can to help. When they understand what you need, they’re in a better position to give it to you.

Together, you can turn the page. Together, you can turn despair into hope.
Together, you can restore balance to your family and move forward to a brighter future.

We can show you how.

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