135 Locations and GrowingRight Treatment, Right Place, Right Time

When we say community-based care, we mean it in more ways than one. We mean it in the sense that we include members of your family or chosen family in your treatment process, but we also mean it literally: most of our patients live within an hour and a half of the location where they receive treatment.

Pinnacle Treatment Centers stands out because we offer multiple treatment options in various locations. We expand not because we seek to increase our bottom line, but because we believe the latest evidence-based treatment for addiction should be readily available to everyone, everywhere. We also know there’s no scientific evidence that indicates the further you travel for treatment, the better the treatment outcome.

Your zip code should not be a barrier to recovery.

We’ll open a location in a strip mall, a repurposed hospital, or a historic residential area.


We know – and the latest data on the opioid epidemic proves – that people are hurting everywhere. So we bring treatment to as many locations as we can. Our ambition is not to help ourselves, it’s to help people in need.

Not tomorrow, but today.

That’s part of our mission statement, and if you look at the number and location of our treatment centers, you’ll learn that’s a part of our mission we fulfill in the most tangible way possible: we operate more than 135 brick-and-mortar locations in 9 states.

We have a saying at Pinnacle: any door you come through is the right door. What matters is not when, where, or even why, but only that you walk through that door. When you do, we meet you where you are and help you get where you want to go.