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The Opioid Epidemic: America’s drug problem is our drug problem.

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The New StandardSuccessful Treatment for Opioid Addiction

Our country is in the middle of an addiction crisis the likes of which we’ve never seen. The statistics are more than alarming. They’re almost unbelievable. Despite enormous amounts of attention from the media and public policy makers, things are not getting better. The latest data from the National Institutes of Health reveal just how serious opioid addiction in the United States is – and the fact that we have a lot of work to do to change course.

In 2022…

81,045 people died from opioid overdose.

That’s 223 people every day – a 72% increase over the past five years, and a 906% increase since the beginning of the opioid overdose crisis in 1999, when 22 people a day died of fatal opioid overdose.

71,143 people died from synthetic opioid overdose (fentanyl and others).

That’s 200 people every day – a 125% increase over the past five years, and a shocking 9,926% increase since 1999, when two (2) people a day died from synthetic opioid overdose.

The opioid epidemic is literally killing us.

Every overdose story is the tip of an iceberg. Hidden under the waterline are months and years of pain and suffering – and not just the pain and suffering of the person who overdosed. The families, friends, and spouses of those who lost their battle with opioid addiction experienced addiction while it was happening, too – but for them, overdose is not the end.

It’s the beginning of loss and grieving.

Not a day goes by when they don’t wonder if they could have done something different. Something to help. Something, anything that could have eased the pain and allowed their loved one to overcome addiction and find the path to a new life.

In the middle of this heartbreaking epidemic – we offer hope.

We Know How to Treat Opioid Addiction Successfully. We Can Make A Difference.
If You or Someone You Love Struggles with Opioid Addiction, We Can Help.
At Pinnacle Treatment, We Save Lives.

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There Is Hope

The hope we offer is made of more than emotion – although without compassion, love, and understanding, we know we wouldn’t get very far treating anyone for anything.

The hope we offer is based on a combination of real human empathy and real scientific evidence. It’s backed by decades of clinical experience. It’s supported by statistics, proven by numbers, and visible every single day in every one of our 70 + treatment centers in six states.

We also offer hope to families with an addicted loved one who simply want their family member to live a fulfilling, happy, and healthy life. It is common to hear family members comment that they have tried many other options and live in fear that they will lose their loved one to the disease of addiction. 

How We Do It: Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

If you battle opioid addiction, you do the work of recovery. No one else can do it for you. You commit to the process and trust that there’s a viable path to the other side. You reclaim your life and live it as you choose, free from the cycles of addiction. We don’t promise it will be easy. In fact, we guarantee it will be challenging. But it will be possible, and you can do it. We know you can because we see people do it every day.

You do the work – but you don’t do it alone.

We have two things that can make all the difference: the right people and the right medication.

The Right People

Our highly skilled doctors, nurses, and therapists help you work through the psychological and emotional aspects of recovery, teach you new coping skills, share relapse prevention strategies, and educate you about the various ways addiction has affected your mind, body, and soul.

The Right Medication

Medications we use: Methadone, Buprenorphine (Suboxone), Naltrexone (Vivitrol)

Medication-Assisted Treatment is the most successful treatment for opioid addiction: that’s a fact supported by years of data. In our MAT program, you receive an individually tailored combination of medication, life-skills counseling, and behavioral therapies to treat your substance use disorder. Medication helps ease your discomfort during detox withdrawal and post-detox recovery. After the initial detox phase, medication gives you the opportunity to participate in the first phase of treatment without lingering sickness or intermittent cravings: you get to focus on recovery without being preoccupied with simply making it through the day. Behavioral therapies provide the skills and support needed to reach your goals in life.

If You’re Struggling with Opioid Addiction
We Can Help

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