An Interview with Jennifer Maguire

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Based on your experience, what will you focus on during the next year at Pinnacle Treatment Centers?
I would like to focus on revamping and breathing New Life into New Life Counseling and I am excited about taking on the endeavor of revamping Endeavor House.

What is your leadership philosophy and how does that tie into treatment?
My leadership philosophy is one that focuses on teaching and guiding our individual staff to be the best that they can be and capitalizing on the different strengths that each and every employee brings to the table.  Along with helping staff to grow their own potential, my leadership style is also one that focuses on systems and how systems interact internally and also with other systems in order to create a treatment program in its entirety.  I also believe that a leader jumps in with their team, helps out wherever needed and is not afraid to “get their hands dirty” or “walk in the trenches”; a real leader is the invisible foundation of a team whose affirmation that their leadership is working is based upon the team’s production as a whole.  In other words, “A dictator often confuses himself with a leader”-Jennifer Maguire

How would you describe treatment in one word?

What is your own personal healing philosophy?
Healing is based upon the power of human connection

What aspect do you believe is the most important in a person’s recovery?
A person’s desire to change, the belief that change is possible, and a commitment to that change; everything else flows from there

Tell us how you approach change.
First, realizing how difficult it is and acknowledging how brave someone is for even wanting to change!  Then, understanding that no one person can change another. Instead, one person can walk along someone, hold space, and teach new ways of living; connecting on a human level.

What does success look like in your position at Pinnacle Treatment Centers?
My success will look like healed, happy people – staff and patients alike.  Staff who come to “work” not to work, but because they have found something they love doing.  Patients who have experienced the hope and joy along with the sorrow and pain of letting go and starting anew.   My success will be reflected in the patients we serve.

What keeps you motivated?
My passion keeps me motivated; there’s nothing else in the world I would rather do then get to be blessed to be a part of someone’s healing.  How lucky am I to get paid for doing what I love?!

If you could work on solving any problem in the world, what one problem would it be?
I would work on improving myself.  If everyone looked inwards before trying to affect outwards, many of our problems in the world would not exist.

What are you learning right now?
Life lessons everyday

What’s the most interesting thing about you that isn’t on your resume?
I am a huge tattoo aficionado; I currently have 17 tattoos and am working on my thigh sleeves.  I love the artistry and the beauty of the meanings and stories my tattoos tell.

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