Pathana Luangrath

Hello! My name is Pathana Luangrath and I am the Patient Navigator for Aegis Modesto. I have an 11-year-old son and am a cat mom to 3 beautiful kitties. I graduated from Stanislaus State with my degree in Psychology in 2021. I previously worked with Aegis as a Counselor and enjoy the close relationships I’ve built with my teammates and patients.

As a Counselor, I saw firsthand how opioid addiction can ruin people’s lives and their relationships with loved ones. I truly believe that as a Patient Navigator, I can continue to help break down the negative stigma that is attached to addiction and treatment. I’m excited to be able to raise awareness about opioid addiction in my community and help patients get the care and respect they deserve while in treatment.

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Territory – Modesto | Sonora