Caroline Koberle

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For 13 years, I battled drug addiction, holding onto hope for a better life for myself and my children. Through active recovery, I transformed that hope into reality and turned my life around.

Meeting others who had been through similar struggles was influential on my journey, showing me what life could be like on the other side. Now, for the past nine years, I’ve been working in the recovery field, bringing hope to those currently facing their own addiction.

As a Patient Navigator, I cherish the connections I build with our program’s patients and the people I meet during community outreach. By engaging in one-on-one conversations and addressing their questions about MAT services, I help reduce the stigma surrounding opioid addiction. Playing my part in the fight against the opioid epidemic brings me joy, and every person who finds help through our doors reaffirms the importance of our work.

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Territory – Auburn | Placerville | Roseville