An Interview With Marissa Mangru

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As those on the front lines of providing care, our nursing staff is critical to delivering patient care. In this Q&A, Director of Nursing Marissa Mangru shares how she approaches helping the patients and nurses she works with.

Based on your experience, what will you focus on during the next year at Pinnacle Treatment Centers?
Continuing to strengthen the nursing department as a whole, as a well as individually. Focusing on ways to achieve the goals set for Nursing, improving patient satisfaction, and continuing to apply Pinnacle’s mission & values in my everyday practice.

How would you describe treatment in one word?

What is your own personal healing philosophy?
My own personal healing philosophy is remembering to not only heal the body, but equally share in health of the mind and the soul.

What aspect do you believe is the most important in a person’s recovery?
Acceptance. Accepting the past for what is was, accepting the present for what it is, and accepting tomorrow for what it could be.

Tell us how your approach change.
Change makes many people uncomfortable, understandably. I never want to force change unto others, but rather help them to see the need for change. Once we’ve established that, I encourage them to share their ideas on how to implement the necessary change, and to provide feedback as its implemented. My goal is to empower the staff to feel as though they were part of making something better, and open the roads for improvement.

What keeps you motivated?
Being a flicker of hope for those that may have lost it along their way.

What are you learning right now?
Sign language

Why is the treatment industry important to you?
This industry is important to me because of the stigma that still exists with addiction. I want that stigma to be broken, so that we can continue to empower and support individuals, families, and loved ones that are fighting this fight.

What’s the most interesting thing about you that isn’t on your resume?
I love to travel because I’m utterly fascinated by different cultures throughout the world. I aim to visit 3 different countries every year, and absorb their way of living.

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