Cami Cloward

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If asked in high school whether I would struggle with addiction, I’d have said no. Yet, I became an example of how “addiction does not discriminate.” For over four years, I battled opioid addiction in silence. Realizing I needed help, I sought treatment.

After treatment, I decided to give back to others facing addiction like I did. I became a substance abuse counselor, working for the last nine years in various youth programs and community-based nonprofits, including detention treatment for the California Department of Corrections.

After witnessing many patients struggle with opioid dependency, I recognized the potential I had to make a difference in an MAT (Medication-Assisted Treatment) program. That’s when I started my career with Aegis. As a Patient Navigator, I love serving the community where I grew up and am raising my children. Witnessing how this disease has torn families and our community apart motivates me to be part of the healing process. I cherish my work and feel fortunate that my daughter can share this journey with me, seeing her mom, whom she once thought was lost, help others reclaim their lives and families.

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