Pinnacle Network to Expand in OHIO: Treatment Needed

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The New York Times reported (June 6, 2017) that Ohio tops the nation for deaths from opioids. Namely due to substances laced with lethal fentanyl. The state confronts a crisis. Currently, there are residential treatment options that include Recovery Works of Columbus. Recovery Works treats the patient from the inside out and addresses physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological challenges.


Residential programs generally offer three to four week stays with enhanced chances for recovery. Group therapy, counseling and relationships build support to individuals and their families.


Sadly, there are few outpatient options across the state. This means that folks often have to travel across state lines and travel for what is generally same day treatment.


“Our objective is to make our full continuum of care seamless and easy for people. Outpatient offers individuals a chance to receive care with minimal disruption to their lives,” Joe Prtichard, CEO of Pinnacle Treatment said.


The Pinnacle Treatment Network offers outpatient treatment in Northern Kentucky, proximate to southwest Ohio. Plans include locations opening across the state in 2017.