An Interview With Geoff Wade

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In recovery, it helps to have a great team on your side. In this Q&A, Geoff Wade shares how he’s helping to develop the team here at Pinnacle Treatment Centers.

What is your leadership philosophy and how will you incorporate that into your position at Pinnacle Treatment Centers? 

My leadership philosophy is to praise and reward success and to coach and mentor through challenges. I believe strongly in the importance of building strong teams focused on open communication and collaboration across all areas. Great teams make great companies and most people want to be part of companies seeking to be great. Pinnacle has a strong development team that has enjoyed success continuing to expand the company’s footprint. I will work to further strengthen the team while building strong relationships within and outside of Pinnacle. The development team can only be successful if it works in collaboration with entire Pinnacle team and I look forward to forging strong working relationships as we seek to ramp up growth in 2019 and beyond.


Tell us how you approach change. 

I love change.  With change comes opportunity.  The successful company embraces change and uses its response to change as a way to differentiate itself in the market. It is very important to be flexible and adaptable while also holding firm to the core values and principles that guide and direct the overall strategy and growth plan.


Why is the treatment industry important to you?

I have spent my entire career supporting and developing health care services that help people in need.  There is no greater health care need in our society today than substance abuse.  I was attracted to Pinnacle because of its outstanding reputation in the market treating substance abuse disorders and because I believed my background growing health care companies could help Pinnacle expand patient access to the many services it provides.


What’s the most interesting thing about you that isn’t on your resume? 

I am fortunate to be married to my best friend and to have four wonderful children. Our claim to fame is we once consumed 21 gallons of milk in a week.

To learn more about development at Pinnacle Treatment Centers — or offer milk delivery services, contact Geoff at You can also read more Q&As with our team on our blog.

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