Touchdown! Ways to Keep Your Super Bowl Sober!

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You Got This, All it Takes is a Little Planning and Follow-Through on Game Day!

By Joi Honer BA, CAC, CADC, National Alumni Director, Pinnacle Treatment Centers

1. Use your support system to create a plan for game day. Make a conscious decision around your plans to ensure they support your recovery. Don’t rely on last-minute temptations. Failing to plan in this case may be a plan to fail.

2. Concerned about going out? Start your own Super Bowl tradition and invite others in recovery to join you or keep it a small family affair with no alcohol.

3. If alcohol commercials are a trigger, make a plan to leave the room during commercials. If you miss any of the good ones, you can always choose to go back and watch them on YouTube. At a time when you might be vulnerable, active watching may not be the best choice.

4. If you struggle with being alone or attending someone else’s party where there might be alcohol, check out what the local Recovery Club House is doing during the game or a local treatment program. They may be inviting people to join them.

5. If you’re a Pinnacle Treatment Centers alumni and you are active on the Fellowship app, feel free to sign in and say hello if you’re struggling. Not on the app yet? Reach out to to join! The Pinnacle Fellowship app allows our alumni to connect directly to other alumni and staff through an app on their phone. It features inspirational content, a recovery milestone counter, a gratitude journal, and more, and serves as an instant private social connection for our alumni community.

6. If you decide you are comfortable joining an event where alcohol is served:

  • Bring a recovering buddy, two heads are always better than one in this situation.
  • Create an exit plan and allow yourself the right to leave at any time.
  • Keep the focus on the game and not the partying.

The biggest reward of being in recovery watching the Super Bowl game?  You will remember who won!

Make this day a sober celebration!

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