Pinnacle Treatment Centers Opens Opioid Treatment Facility in Milford, OH

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Leading Recovery Provider Offers Medication-Assisted Treatment to Milford Community


Milford, OH – May 14, 2019 – Pinnacle Treatment Centers (PTC), a leader in providing accessible treatment for adult men and women struggling with substance use disorders, will open Milford Treatment Services, located at 950 Lila Ave in Milford, Ohio, on Wednesday, May 15. This is Pinnacle’s 8th opioid treatment program (OTP) in Ohio. Pinnacle also has 18 office-based treatment programs (OBOTs) within the state and a drug and alcohol addiction residential treatment center, Recovery Works Columbus.

Pinnacle is one of a select few treatment facilities in the area to provide underserved communities with affordable substance abuse treatment and the option of outpatient care. This model of care empowers patients to take control of their treatment as it affords them the opportunity to maintain employment, school obligations, and family commitments while getting the treatment necessary to address their recovery.

“Given the opioid epidemic throughout the state, there is a drastic need for treatment. Our company is committed to bringing care directly into the community to help solve this crisis,” said Joe Pritchard, CEO of Pinnacle Treatment Centers, who made his personal journey through recovery and is now dedicated to helping others. Pritchard recognizes the need for outpatient programs that are designed to offer support in managing stress and providing patients with relapse prevention strategies while connecting them with community support.

In an effort to quell the number of drug fatalities, the 2nd highest in the country next to West Virginia, Ohio Governor, Mike DeWine recently announced a state initiative to address substance use and mental health, “We have had limited programs in the past where we have had good, strong evidence that they work.” DeWine said he wants to decrease the number of drug deaths, as well as address underlying mental health issues that lead many into substance abuse. The ideas for the initiative came from the Recovery Ohio Advisory Council, made up of mental health and addiction experts, law enforcement officers, and state agency leaders.

Milford Treatment Services offers medication-assisted treatment (MAT), including methadone and Suboxone, as well as individual, group, and family therapy with flexible daytime hours.

While there is still much stigma surrounding MAT, experts agree that it is the gold standard treatment for people struggling with opioid use disorders. MAT and methadone treatment programs decrease opioid use, opioid-related overdose deaths, criminal activity, and transmission of infectious diseases. Conversely, MAT increases social functioning and time in treatment, and saves lives.

“The best way to understand the effectiveness of MAT for opioid use disorders – and to reduce negative stigma around methadone and MAT – is to embrace the fact that substance use disorders are chronic, relapsing diseases just like diabetes or hypertension,” said Puja Srivastava, MD, medical director for Milford Treatment Services. “We don’t stigmatize people with hypertension and diabetes. We help them, get them back on track with their medication and lifestyle changes, and support them as they make significant changes that not only improve but in many cases save their lives. We must do the same for people struggling with drug addiction.”

Pinnacle’s 25+ programs in Ohio exemplify an integrated ambulatory model of care. By delivering high quality, cost-effective care through an integrated system including residential, ambulatory care, MAT/opioid treatment programs, and sober housing, Pinnacle is able to treat more individuals by removing the barriers that make it difficult to get help.”

About Pinnacle Treatment Centers

Pinnacle Treatment Centers Network is a recognized leader in comprehensive substance use services. Locations include Indiana, Kentucky, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. A full continuum of quality care includes detoxification for residential and outpatient clients as well as transitional living programs. Pinnacle treats the individual’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological well-being. Each center focuses on patient-centered care and an individualized approach, upholding a high standard of medically assisted treatment and compassionate attention to each patient’s needs. For more information, visit


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