Dayton Treatment Services Opens to Treat Opioid-Use Disorders

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More Centers to Open Soon in Other Ohio Communities.

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Dayton, Ohio


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Dayton Treatment Services is now OPENED and treating people in the Dayton-area. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) deaths from substance use continue to rise in Ohio, which is attributed to fentanyl and other illicit substances. Dayton Treatment Services provides opioid-use disorder treatment in Dayton and area communities and accepts Medicaid. This region, and Montgomery County specifically, has been featured in the international news due to significant deaths from lethal opioids. Local officials applaud this new facility.

The Pinnacle Treatment Center Network utilizes evidenced-based treatment interventions to drive strong clinical results with therapies and medical protocols recognized as the best practices. This places patients on a strong path to long term recovery.

Outpatient treatment enables individuals to receive care immediately with a program that aligns with life’s challenges. Dayton Treatment Services offers a convenient schedule for people to fight this disease real time and is opened six days weekly.

The Pinnacle Treatment Center Network also has a residential location in Columbus, Ohio as well as outpatient locations in Youngstown, Chillicothe and Cincinnati.

Dayton Treatment Services, 7301 Poe Avenue, Dayton 45414

Phone 937-280-4631

 An open house is scheduled for Friday, February 9 from 12-2

 “I have worked in the field of addiction treatment for most of my career. The Dayton area has been hit especially hard by the national crisis. We are glad to be able to offer the community a viable treatment option. I am confident that, together, we can positively impact the health of people in this community,” Rob Pleiman, Regional Director said.

 We initially opened a residential treatment center in Columbus, Ohio in 2016. Since that time, through our involvement with key opinion leaders, we have determined the need for more treatment to serve other communities in Ohio. We are opening outpatient clinics in other Ohio communities in the coming months,” Joe Pritchard, Chief Executive Officer, Pinnacle Treatment Centers, said.

Outpatient Treatment enables individuals to visit facilities on a regular basis and to maintain their work and family schedules. The treatment program generally includes Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) utilizing either Methadone or Suboxone. Future programming will offer Vivitrol as an additional option.  Individuals receive personal counseling, group therapy, educational classes and are encouraged to attend outside twelve-step meetings. This approach addresses the individual’s medical, physical, spiritual and psychological challenges.

 Dayton Treatment Services has worked closely with local medical professionals, law enforcement, community and business organizations.

The staff at Dayton Treatment Services and I look forward to and are committed to being an active partner alongside all these individuals to enhance the services available to this community,” Pleiman said.



Pinnacle Treatment Services treats 10,000 individuals daily across six states. This includes Indiana, Kentucky, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Pinnacle Treatment Centers Network is a full continuum of care that includes outpatient, residential, intensive outpatient, detox and transitional living programs. Dayton Treatment Services opened recently to serve people in the Dayton area and neighboring communities.

All locations include physicians, nurses, administrative and support staff. For more information, please visit