Addiction Treatment; Hope As told by Joe Pritchard

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My name is Joe Pritchard and I have been in recovery for about 40 years. My career has been spent in addiction treatment. I am fortunate to align my passion with my work. My work started decades ago on the streets of Philadelphia. I worked in treatment facilities and ultimately became the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pinnacle Treatment Centers.


I am humbled to run an organization who is able to help people return to healthy living. Our work is our calling.


We are based in New Jersey and operate in Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. We are a full continuum of care with 37 locations and treat 10,000 people daily. This includes residential, outpatient and transitional living. We believe that people need to enter treatment on their own terms and to a program that accommodates their own life challenges.


Importantly, we also know that treatment must work from the inside out. This means addressing individuals emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological needs. People become healthy once they embrace treatment and are in the care of nurturing and healing professionals. We are that team.


Much is said about addiction these days. It is one of the biggest topics in the media. For us, it is straightforward – addiction is a disease that is afflicting people, families, and communities across America. It does not discriminate. The people we see are black, white, wealthy, poor, educated, struggling, family members, older and young. We see people who simply need vital care. They are people like you and me.


It is our mission to get folks into treatment and to stem the tide on this disease.  Where there is treatment, there is hope.

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