Gabriel Guerrero

Pinnacle Patient Navigator Gabriel Guerrero's headshot

Growing up in a Hispanic home, addiction and mental health were unspoken topics. Even though many people in our community struggled, they mostly chose to battle their demons alone and suffer in silence.

In 2017, I started my career as a Clinic Concierge with an open and eager mind. My position allowed me to truly connect with patients and forced me to realize that we were the sole support for most of our patients. I wanted them to know that we were more than just a place for medication and counseling; we’re a safety net for people going through a tough time. I decided to make it my mission to provide services beyond a regular healthcare provider. My goal was to create a safe space where people could catch a break, get a little understanding, and find the strength to make it through their journey to recovery.

As a Patient Navigator, I want to reach more people in my community and show them that  Aegis is not just a pitstop for treatment, but a place where everyone feels like they matter and that they’re not alone. I want to build and strengthen relationships with community partners that may have once looked at our services with negatively. My goal is ultimately to combat the stigma that comes with Medication-Assisted Treatment.

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Territory – Oxnard | Santa Paula | Simi Valley | Ventura