• Pinnacle Treatment Services of Roanoke, LLC

    Roanoke, VA

    Pinnacle Treatment Services of Roanoke is a private, for-profit, CARF accredited agency licensed by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services falling in the Eastern Time-Zone.

    Roanoke is a city located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia and known for the Roanoke Star, also known as the Mill Mountain Star, a neon landmark overlooking the city from the summit of Mill Mountain. Roanoke has a general population of approximately 100,000 with an average age of 38.4. The ethnic composition of the population of Roanoke City is composed of 59.5% Caucasian Alone residents, 27.9% African American Alone residents,6.04% Hispanic or Latino residents, and 2.96% Asian Alone residents, with the remainder identified as Two or More Races residents or Some Other Race Alone residents.

    Pinnacle Treatment Services of Roanoke is an outpatient treatment facility and currently home to the following services: Intensive Outpatient Services and Outpatient Services. Both services are offered on-site at 5335 Peters Creek Rd., NW, Suite 1, Roanoke, Virginia. Our outpatient facility features a welcoming lobby and reception area, 3 large group rooms, private offices for therapeutic and medical services, and several ancillary spaces.

    Regarding future services, Pinnacle Treatment Services of Roanoke has recently been licensed to provide Partial Hospitalization Services and Case Management Services. In order to offer these newly licensed services and an increased patient census in a sound and therapeutic manner, Pinnacle Treatment Services of Roanoke is currently involved in an expansion of our physical outpatient space and hiring of additional clinical staff, designated Case Management staff, and additional Residential Aide staff needed to ensure appropriate staffing of new services to be offered. In addition to these outpatient services to be offered on-site, Pinnacle Treatment Services of Roanoke also plans to add Low-Intensity Residential Services in addition to the existing Recovery Houses we currently operate to provide a safe and sober living option for individuals participating in our services.

    5335 Peters Creek Rd., NW, Suite 1
    Roanoke, VA 24019
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