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  • Aegis Treatment Centers | Pomona

    Pomona, CA

    Welcome to Aegis Treatment Centers in Pomona, CA. We are here to help support those struggling with opiate addiction in a safe and supportive environment.  Our focus is on utilizing evidence-based counseling and addiction treatment. We provide our patients individual and group counseling in conjunction with medication-assisted treatment (MAT) such as methadone and suboxone. Our treatment team is here to help our patients in many areas of their addiction including developing healthy coping skills, relapse prevention skills, anxiety, and depression. We offer a collaborative treatment team approach to help the patient navigate through the stages of their addiction recovery. Each person is on their own journey through their recovery and we are here willing and able to help. Please call or come see us so we can support you through your journey.

    Addiction Group Award: Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Pomona

    1050 N. Garey Avenue
    Pomona, CA 91767
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