Pinnacle Treatment Network Completes Senior Management Team

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Pinnacle Treatment Network, a multistate provider of addiction treatment, has rounded out its senior management team, based in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. The Pinnacle team includes decades of experience in the sector. Pinnacle’s approach to treating drug and alcohol addiction includes residential, outpatient and transitional living. The full continuum of care covers counseling, group and individual therapy and medication assisted treatment (MAT.)

“I am pleased that our team is well-situated to positively impact the disease of addiction. Many of our facilities are located in the parts of the country hardest hit by the epidemic. Importantly, we also focus on alcoholism. While drug addiction is in the news more often, alcohol continues to be a substance that is core to illness,” Joe Pritchard, Chief Executive Officer, said.


The team includes:

Joe Pritchard, Chief  Executive Officer, with nearly four-decades in the field. Joe was previously President of Pinnacle and EVP of Residential prior.

Eric Mollman, Chief Financial Officer, with decades of experience in health management, Eric joined Pinnacle in late 2016 after working as CFO for several equity-backed healthcare companies. *

Dr. Chris Johnston, Chief Medical Officer, with decades of addiction treatment tenure, Chris joined Pinnacle in 2011 after 25 years in private medical practice.

Rebecca Gaskin, Chief Operations Officer, with a career in the field of addiction treatment, Rebecca was Senior Vice President of Residential for Pinnacle.

John Henry, Chief Marketing Officer, with a multi decade marketing career, John joined Pinnacle in October 2016.  John joined Pinnacle after being CMO for Recovery Centers of America and Caron Treatment Centers. *

Robert O’ Sullivan, Chief Development Officer, joined Pinnacle in late 2016. Prior to joining Pinnacle, he spent four years with DaVita HealthCare partners and for the prior 12 worked in corporate and privately held organizations both in the US and abroad. *

Kurt Geiger, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, with a long career in HR, Kurt joined Pinnacle in late 2016. Prior, Kurt worked for three years working in behavioral health for Bancroft and prior 17 years in manufacturing. *

Mary Raleigh, Senior Vice President of Sales/Community Relations, with decades in the field of behavioral health, Mary joined Pinnacle in December, 2016. Mary had been head of sales for both Recovery Centers of America and Caron Treatment Centers. *


*denotes a new member of the management team. Other members have been with Pinnacle prior and have been promoted.

The team is situated to continue to grow the operation and to improve the odds of recovery for patients and their families. Growth areas include regions that have been hit hard by addiction.