Brianna Scott

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Growing up, my life was surrounded by the disease of addiction. I saw it destroy my loved ones, and saw the power that it had to ruin families. I knew that I wanted to get into a field where I could help people but didn’t quite know how. So, I pursued a BA in Psychology and Nutrition, eventually joining Aegis as a counselor. Through some wonderful leadership, I grew and better understood the disease of addiction, the benefits of harm reduction, and the importance of counseling that goes along with MAT services.

During my 4 years with Aegis, I’ve worked in various positions that have given me the insight that I was lacking before. Connecting with all types of people and seeing growth through a program that teaches accountability and personal strength has been the most rewarding thing in my career. It’s healed me from the trauma and biases that I held in the past and given me the opportunity that I was looking for. Now as a Patient Navigator, I’ve found my passion working to reduce stigma in our community and tackling the barriers to addiction treatment. Being part of a company like Aegis and offering the very services my family didn’t have access to fills me with gratitude!

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