Sharing the joy of recovery.

The relationships we have with family and friends are a part of who we are. Often, they know us better than we know ourselves. Pinnacle Treatment Centers encourages the ongoing participation of loved ones throughout the recovery process. They provide valuable insight into the patient’s life, which helps us get to the root behavioral issues to design an effective treatment plan.

Our sole purpose is to guide you through the rehab process and help you overcome dependency so that you can create a life you enjoy. A life filled with health, happiness, and restored hope.

Healing The Past For  A Better Tomorrow

Healing The Past For
A Better Tomorrow

Our highly credentialed staff provides safe, confidential rehabilitative care to meet the addiction needs of patients and repair relationships with loved ones.

You’re not alone.

Addiction affects not only the life of the addict but the lives of loved ones. Family and friends know all too well the stress, anger, sadness, and despair of watching someone they love suffer the ravages of drugs and alcohol. With the proper treatment and support, recovery can happen. Relationships can heal. We want to help, not just because we can, but because we care.

Turning despair into hope. Turning despair into hope.

The effects of addiction are as damaging as they are far-reaching, devastating the life of the addict as well as the lives of loved ones. You can't change the past, but you can build a better future. Our evidence-based treatment programs are designed to help resolve, repair, and restore the relationships most important to you.


Pinnacle Treatment Centers facilities are either CARF accredited, Joint Commission accredited, or seeking accreditation, with decades of delivering positive, life-changing outcomes for patients, families, and communities. Our team of credentialed physicians, nurses, clinicians, and administrative and support staff provide a full continuum of quality care that includes detoxification for residential and outpatient clients as well as transitional living programs. We treat the individual’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological well-being.

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