Meet our Executive Director of Solon Treatment Services

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Angelica Brewer Executive Director of Solon Treatment Services

Angelica Brewer began her career at Oriana House, a nationally renowned community corrections and chemical dependency treatment agency in Akron, Ohio, in the cognitive behavioral department.

She served as a trainer for the organization teaching core correctional practices, group management behavior, thinking errors and other skills programs. After two years of facilitating groups, she was promoted to cognitive behavioral coordinator for Cuyahoga County.

Angelica continued facilitating groups while also working with her coaching staff on being great facilitators. She assisted in opening and monitoring the cognitive programs throughout Oriana House’s different facilities and provided training and information sessions for judges and probation officers.

Angelica moved to one of Oriana House’s residential programs and became the coordinator of a halfway house. She focused on case management, helping inmates transition from prison back into the community.

Today, as the new executive director of Solon Treatment Services, one of our numerous opioid addiction treatment programs in Ohio, Angelica has come to love working in the community of Solon because of the small victories she has seen in her patients. It’s beyond exciting for her to see a patient who has lost hope find it again. In her role, she strives to help bring hope for life back into the surrounding communities.

“Someone has to believe in the person who has fallen or failed 100 times over. Solon Treatment Services is the place where it can happen. The team here truly believes that we have been put on a mission to help reunite families and help those who want to find the silver lining, those who know deep down ‘I have a life worth living.’”

That is why Angelica believes in medication-assisted treatment (MAT). “It’s not a cure but a stepping stone to find balance again so that you can heal from your brokenness. In order to do so, we need clinics like ours to help support the mental health aspect of treatment. We can’t treat a mind that has not been allowed to become clear.”

Angelica is a wife of 20 plus years to a wonderful husband, they have three children and two granddaughters. Her favorite time is when she can be at home and just be a mom. Angelica is very active in her church community, where she teaches and coaches on marriage, women empowerment, and bible study. “This new step in my life is about helping claim lives back and strengthening our community.”

Angelica is a graduate of Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio, where she majored in psychology and sociology.

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