An Interview With Tim Samons

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At Endeavor House, we take care of the whole person – including through great food.
Meet our chef Tim & find out how a wrong number helped him find his way here.


Why is the treatment industry important to you?
The Treatment industry is important to me because of the overwhelming opioid crisis in America. I know that the dietary team is an important part of the patient experience here at Pinnacle and we work closely with the clinical team to accommodate the residents and support the environment of recovery.

What keeps you motivated?
What keeps me motivated is a true love for the Culinary Arts combined with serving people we are helping. It’s no accident that this is where I was meant to be.

I applied to Endeavor House thinking I was applying to a restaurant. Unbeknownst to me, the day prior the former chef had quit and Endeavor House was in desperate need of a new chef. As is turns out, I had incorrectly typed in the last digit of the fax number and sent my resume to Endeavor House rather than the restaurant I intended to send my resume to. I started immediately the following day as the head chef at Endeavor House.

What’s your favorite thing to cook?
My favorite thing to cook, believe it or not is Hungarian Food (particularly Stuffed Cabbage or Golumpki as we know it.) Gives me a warm home feeling as that’s what my family always made and continues to make for all Holiday occasions.

What role has food played in your life and why is that important to your work at Endeavor House?
I was lucky enough to realize what I like doing at an early age and fulfill my dream of being involved in several kitchens as well as my catering company I retired from and have been blessed to work in a facility (Endeavor House) that saves lives. What else can anyone ask for. God is good, make that great.


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