CEO Joe Pritchard Meets with Speaker Ryan

joe pritchard
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Pinnacle Treatment Center Network’s goal is to stem the tide of substance use disorder. This means getting people into treatment early and getting folks to recovery. Our network provides residential, outpatient and transitional living environments. Treatment is arguably expensive; as it requires medical, social work, administrative and counseling teams. Simply put, we employ lots of people to treat individuals.

We know that once people are sober for about a year, their chances of maintaining a healthy lifestyle are enhanced. This is directly tied to a program that treats individuals (and their families) from the inside out.

Substance use disorder and addiction is central to our national conversation. More people are dying from addiction that any other cause. The disease has invaded communities across America. While the reasons are numerous; the solution is simple. Get into treatment.

We are pleased that our nation’s leaders, such as House Speaker Paul Ryan, New Jersey Governor Christie, Pennsylvania Governor Wolf and Ohio Governor Kasich are all engaged in treatment options and availability. Pinnacle Leadership meets regularly with public policy leadership to ensure that our voice is heard, that access to coverage is seamless and that health insurance and Medicaid is available.

“I have been at the forefront of curtailing substance use disorder and locating solutions for those that suffer — for nearly 40 years. What I know is that the solution is a combination of efforts between treatment providers, law enforcement, leadership and communities. We will not let up until people are healthy,” Joe Pritchard, CEO of Pinnacle Treatment Network, said.

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