A Message from Our CEO

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Everyone we know is dealing with the stresses of the ever-changing events in our daily life as we work through this global emergency. For those of us in recovery, we have developed tools to help us to live daily. Many of these tools are sustained through recovery support such as 12 steps, church-sponsored groups and support established within our own programs. Self-care is so very important for everyone.

It is important to follow some very basic practices daily:

  • Eat right
  • Sleep right
  • Communicate with others
  • Get some exercise
  • Have some quiet time for self-reflection
  • DO NOT ISOLATE! You can still connect to people via phone, through FaceTime, or on video conference programs like Zoom or BlueJeans

All of these activities allow us to keep a foundation that will help insulate us from reacting in a self-destructive manner to the stresses of our day. We must maintain balance in our daily life and having a recovery routine is essential.

We at Pinnacle are here. Call us, talk to staff, come into the center as required for services. We are establishing tele-technology to help you have more access. Counseling via the phone will be available.

In addition, following are two links containing support networks that can help you get through this. It is important to STAY CONNECTED!


I have been blessed to be sober for more than 45 years. I work a daily program as outlined above. If you have one day or 45 years, self-care is essential. Using a drug will not fix what is happening in the world, it will not provide a safe-haven for your family and it will not give you the ability to be there for others. It will drive you to isolate and, in many cases, use and die.

Please take advantage of all of the resources out there and connect to the support services we are providing.

Thanks and be safe,
Joe Pritchard
Pinnacle Treatment Centers

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