17 Celebrities Who Have Successfully Battled Drug Addiction

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We admire and look up to our favorite celebrities for the work they do. We dance to their songs and immerse into the universes of their movies. However, while idolizing them, we often forget that they are just human. They laugh, they cry, they have emotions that span outside of the fictional characters they present us with. However, being human also means that you make mistakes. Sometimes, the mistake can be a minor one, barely noticeable, but in other cases it can be life changing. Either because of stress or because of the harsh environment they found themselves into, these 17 celebrities have taken the path of substance abuse in their past; yet, they’ve managed to overcome it. Some will shock you, others will surprise you, the rest you probably already know about, but what’s common in all of these celeb stories is the inspiration. Without further adieu, here are 17 celebrities who have successfully battled drug addiction.

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